Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photography Tips : It's all about the angle

I run my own photography business
so I am on the constant look out for ways to make my work more fresh and interesting.
Here is one of the greatest photography tip for those of you who may be looking for a little change. It's all in the way you look at framing your shots. Always, always, always frame up a shot before actually tripping the shutter. The rule of thirds is a great general guide line to follow: where you want to keep the main subject in a third of the picture either vertically or horizontally and not in the dead center.
{I'll share a tutorial on the rule of thirds soon}
But today my tip is on rethinking the angle from which you photograph your subject whether it is a person, place or an object. You don't have to take pictures straight on or even capture the whole person, place or object in the frame of your picture. Sometimes it is a lot more interesting and visually pleasing to play with the angle you take the picture from. Get down on the ground and take a picture looking up at your subject. Stand above your subject. Be off to one side and don't capture all of your subject in the picture. Don't square up your subject, angle the camera. Etc.
Here are some examples
Take from above and off center.

Taken from closer to the ground than eye level.

Taken by my Friend Sarah over at Sarah Dawn Designs of the Mesa, AZ LDS temple. Taken to highlight the sunlight behind part of the building not the whole building.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cleaning a tough spot : Great Value Miracle Cleaning Eraser

As you know we have recently moved and as a result I have had to do a whole lot of cleaning in the past couple weeks. And as I was cleaning our old condo I found that these little babies Great Value Miracle Cleaning Erasers were a life saver for cleaning those impossible to get off the floor scuff marks. I have tried these miracle erasers before and didn't think much of them. But let me tell you they really were miracle erasers for my floor. I had these impossible scuff marks on the entry way floor to our condo that magically appeared the cold, wet, snowy day we moved in. In the the 5 years we lived in that condo I had tried everything to get those scuff marks off my floor ... or so I thought. So yes it took me 5 years get those black marks off my floor but I finally did the day before we moved and it never would  have happened with out my new go to cleaning tool the Great Value Miracle Cleaning Eraser.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super Easy Hairstyle : From My Yellow Sandbox : Braided Bun

Do you ever get tired of the same old hairstyles? Well I sure do! So I decided to do something about it. I went searching the web and found the most fantastic website where Abby from My Yellow Sandbox did 30 different easy and super cute hairstyles in 30 days.

As I was visiting her the 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days part of her blog I noticed that she has an Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook ebook available for sale. I decided to check it out and it looked amazing. She has two sample pages on the purchase page and I decided to try one out to see if I could follow the directions and get good results. I tried the Braided Bun:
And I love it. I think it was a success. So of course I had to buy the ebook, and at $4.99 for 40 hairstyles I can't wait to try with easy to follow step by step directions I think it's a steal. Check back as I continue to try out Abby from My Yellow Sandbox's hairstyles from her Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mommy Thoughts Monday

Do you feel like your little ones are just sprouting up before your very eyes? Well I certainly do! My little munchkin in 5 1/2 months old and I just can't believe it. She seems to change so much from day to day. I often find myself wondering how am I ever going to remember those little day to day moments? So I decided to do something about it. I've heard of other Moms taking at least one picture of their babies everyday to create of visual record of each child's first year of life. Well I thought about this and thought that's sounds like a good idea but how will I ever keep all those pictures straight. Not to mention the fact that my little one has already been here for 5 months and while I do take a ton of pictures of her I'm pretty sure I missed some days in there. So I thought some more and figured there's no time like the present to start making sure to snap at least one picture of my munchkin every day starting now. First obstacle tackled. Now how to keep all these pictures straight. Ahhhhh this is where the beauty of Blogger comes in. That's right my munchkin has her own blog where I post one picture of her a day. I love it! It's not a popular blog nor should it be. I built it for me and plan to use Blurb to do something with it around her first birthday.

Guess what?
You too can make sure you're preserving those precious memories of your little ones it's easy just follow a few simple steps.
  1. Make the decision to do it!
  2. Start snapping away with your camera. Now these pictures don't have to be anything special. I just take a few pictures of my munchkin throughout the day and I don't edit them in any way before I post them at the end of the day. Remember we are trying to preservie those precious every day moments!
  3. Make your little one thier very own blog.
    1. pick a fun name for their blog
    2. pick a fun template that you think reflects their personality
    3. Edit the settings of your little one's blog to be just the way you want it. I used the simple template for mine and changed the fonts, colors and background to be super girly for my little munchkin.
  4. Start blogging
 Simple as that!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Why I've Been M. I. A.

Hey All!
So as you can tell I have been M.I.A for quite awhile.
Let's just call it Maternity Leave.
I have just been having so much fun since the birth of our first little Munchkin on May 3rd.

I will soon be returning to the blogging world with new projects, posts and ideas!

We are moving in the next couples weeks so I'll have that little hurdle to get over before the posts can start flowing again.

Wish me luck ... can't wait to get back into the wonderful world of blogging.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Check it out

Hey everyone!
My grand return may be slower than I thought I'm fighting off a major cold
which all you mommies out there know isn't easy when you're 32 weeks pregnant.

So to tied you over until I have enough energy to post some new exciting projects I have been
working on check out the CREATE IT YOURSELF page of the blog.
This page is a quick and easy reference for all the tutorials that have been featured on this blog.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Be Back Soon

Hello ... some may be wondering why they haven't seen a post from me yet this week. I apologize. I will be back soon. I am going to take a couple weeks off from blogging to stock pile some ideas and posts so that I don't fall behind the closer it gets to delivery day. So have no fear friends I will be back soon, you'll be hearing from me again on or around March 14th!