Monday, October 24, 2011

Cleaning a tough spot : Great Value Miracle Cleaning Eraser

As you know we have recently moved and as a result I have had to do a whole lot of cleaning in the past couple weeks. And as I was cleaning our old condo I found that these little babies Great Value Miracle Cleaning Erasers were a life saver for cleaning those impossible to get off the floor scuff marks. I have tried these miracle erasers before and didn't think much of them. But let me tell you they really were miracle erasers for my floor. I had these impossible scuff marks on the entry way floor to our condo that magically appeared the cold, wet, snowy day we moved in. In the the 5 years we lived in that condo I had tried everything to get those scuff marks off my floor ... or so I thought. So yes it took me 5 years get those black marks off my floor but I finally did the day before we moved and it never would  have happened with out my new go to cleaning tool the Great Value Miracle Cleaning Eraser.

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