Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photography Tips : It's all about the angle

I run my own photography business
so I am on the constant look out for ways to make my work more fresh and interesting.
Here is one of the greatest photography tip for those of you who may be looking for a little change. It's all in the way you look at framing your shots. Always, always, always frame up a shot before actually tripping the shutter. The rule of thirds is a great general guide line to follow: where you want to keep the main subject in a third of the picture either vertically or horizontally and not in the dead center.
{I'll share a tutorial on the rule of thirds soon}
But today my tip is on rethinking the angle from which you photograph your subject whether it is a person, place or an object. You don't have to take pictures straight on or even capture the whole person, place or object in the frame of your picture. Sometimes it is a lot more interesting and visually pleasing to play with the angle you take the picture from. Get down on the ground and take a picture looking up at your subject. Stand above your subject. Be off to one side and don't capture all of your subject in the picture. Don't square up your subject, angle the camera. Etc.
Here are some examples
Take from above and off center.

Taken from closer to the ground than eye level.

Taken by my Friend Sarah over at Sarah Dawn Designs of the Mesa, AZ LDS temple. Taken to highlight the sunlight behind part of the building not the whole building.

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