Monday, January 31, 2011

Repurposing: Unused Out of Season Store Bought Greeting Cards

Today I did a fun little project where I repurposed unused out of season greeting cards into more useful greeting cards. This is a simple project that anyone can recreate out of supplies that you already have at home making it the perfect crafting on a budget project!

I had some unused Christmas cards laying around the house and thought to myself it is such a shame that I will probably loose these before I get the chance to use them next year what a waste. Then I got thought, maybe I didn’t have to wait until next December to use these store bought cards I can repurpose them with some scrap scrapbooking supplies I have sitting in my craft bins. I had been intending to make a couple Valentine’s Day cards to mail to out of state friends, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to stretch my creativity and re-use Christmas cards by transforming them to Valentine’s Day cards. 
Unused out of season store bought greeting cards
Paper trimmer
Small scissors
Scrap pieces of scrapbooking paper 
Putting it all together:
  1. Decide on a theme for your card … I wanted to make a couple Valentine’s Day Cards and a few cards that could be used for any occasion.
  2. Using your paper trimmer trim down your scrap pieces of scrapbook paper that is going to be your background for your new card
  3. Adhere your background paper to the front of the out of season store bought greeting card
  4. Use your paper trimmer and small scissors to cut out the rest of the pieces for your new card design from your scrap pieces of scrapbooking paper
  5. Adhere the rest of  your card design pieces to the background paper you’ve already attached to the store bough out of season greeting card … to add some dimension I also used mini pop dots to adhere some of my accent pieces
  6. The final step is to trim a plain white or colored piece of scrap scrapbook paper with your paper trimmer to cover the back of the card to create a more finished look and attach with adhesive.

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  1. This is such a fabulous and practical idea! Since becoming a SAHM, I have begun to become more crafty. It's so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and I found your blog through MBC. I am following you now and look forward to reading more from you!