Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Today is a Wordless Wednesday.
This week has been a difficult week for me.
Either winter has gotten to me, or the third trimester of pregnancy isn't treating me too well, or a combination of the two and others ...
But I find myself a little blue ...
Dreaming of warm days were you can find beautiful flowers like this everywhere you look.
But have no fear friends I am working on a great sewing project that I'm excited to share with you later in the week.


  1. Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing. I completely understand about the 3rd trimester and this never ending winter. I'm 20 weeks pregnant today and feel like it's never going to end! Hope you have a better week soon.

  2. Don't be blue!!! You will get plenty of warm, sunny days when you come to CA for the baby shower!!! :)

  3. I wish it were warm here as well. It's been a cold and dark winter and I'm really looking forward to spring and seeing the flowers come up. What a beautiful flower picture!! I was wondering if I might use it for my baby memorial pictures? My daughter passed away 4 years ago and I make hats for our local sick kids hospital. I also have memorial pictures where I take the baby/child's name and their birth flower and then send it to grieving parents for free. I'm always looking for new flower pictures and would give credit on the picture that it was yours. Please see my site Thank you for considering this. =D

    Blessings, Dee =)