Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tutorial: How to make Cupcake Toppers

Remember the Diaper Cake I showed you how to make here? To compliment the Diaper Cake I decided to use cupcakes as the dessert for my friend’s Baby Shower. I didn’t see the point of having two cakes and cupcakes still provided a nice sweet treat. Plus, I could save myself some time by using store bought cupcakes. The perfect solution when you are short on time and energy … like me 6 months pregnant and working full time!

To make these adorable Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers you just need a few supplies, most of which can be found in your own home!
Free Clip Art to match the Baby Shower theme (printed at home)
Colored Cardstock
Large Circle Punch
Glue Stick
Glue Dots
Small Scissors
Store Bought Cupcakes
Putting it all together:

To finish off the back of your cupcake topper press a blank cardstock circle to the back of your decorated cardstock circle. This will fully cover the glue dot and create a nice finished look (sorry I forgot to take a picture of this step).
And last but not least ... on the day of the Baby Shower stick one cupcake topper into the top of each of the 24 mini cupcakes and enjoy your super cute cupcake toppers.


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